Traditional Kopi

There’s definitely no replacement for the familiar voice of our favourite kopi auntie or the judgmental stare from that kopi uncle when we ask for a kopi siew siew dai. But…you can now customise your favourite kopi drink at the comfort of your home.

(There will be a delivery charge of $5 for orders under $50. See details on delivery below)

Traditional Kopi Brewing Kits

Kopi Brewing Starter Kit (Fam Pack)

Perfect for the family.
Makes about 72 cups.
Includes: 2x Kopi Powder (300g) + 2 coffee socks

Price: $37
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Kopi Brewing Starter Kit

Kopi Brewing Kit (with Phin)

Perfect for the kopi lover. Great as a gift too.
Makes about 24-48 cups.
Includes: 1 x Kopi Powder (300g) + 1 coffee brewer (phin)

Price: $25
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kopi phin set alliance coffee

Traditional Kopi Powder

Kopi Powder [100g/300g]

Makes ~8-10 cups per bag, depending on strength.

Price: from $6

Nanyang Kopi Powder Singapore
*photo for illustration purpose only

Kopi Drip Bags (Makes 15 cups)

Kopi Drip Bags or Sachets for kopi lovers who value convenience.

Price: $14

Kopi Brewing Accessories

Coffee Sock

Cloth coffee sock with handle. Washable and reusable. Do dry out your coffee sock after every use.

Price: $5

Drip Bags for Coffee

Single use drip bags for coffee. 20 pcs

Price: $3.50

Vietnamese Coffee Filter (Phin)

100ml phin, perfect for making a single cup of strong kopi, or two kopi of weaker strength.
Stainless steel, easy to wash and reuse. Features a 3 layer filter system to reduce kopi residue in final cup.

Price: $17

Delivery Details

Delivery slots are now on:
1) Thursdays: 11am to 7pm
2) Saturdays: 11am to 7pm

Cut off time would be the 5pm the day before.
for example, if your order is placed (with payment) on Tuesday at 4.45pm, it will be scheduled for delivery on Wednesday. If your order is placed (with payment) on Wednesday at 9am, it’ll be scheduled for delivery on Saturday.

You will receive a confirmation text from our team with details of your delivery slot after your order has been confirmed

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Self Collection Option

We have open self-collection timeslots on weekends, 10am to 12pm and 3pm to 5pm.
Currently, self collection can only be done at Dover (Address will be given after order has been made).

Cut off time for self-collection is on Friday, 5pm.
i.e. if you place your order on Sat at 9am, you can only collect it the following Sat.