Kopi Drip Bags


Same fresh, fragrant kopi, pre packed in drip bags or ready-to-brew sachets for your convenience and enjoyment.

Each pack comes with 15 servings.

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Lazy to wash your coffee sock or phin brewer every morning? These drip bag coffees or sachets are perfect for those lazy mornings.

Each pack comes with 15 pre-packed portions. Your choice of drip bags or sachets (no mixing)

How to use drip bag coffee?

  1. Tear along the line to open drip bag
  2. Place drip bag into a cup
  3. Pour 180ml to 200ml hot water
  4. Wait 5 minutes
  5. Discard drip bag
  6. Add condiments to taste
  7. Enjoy your kopi

P.S. these are great as gifts for kopi loving friends, family and colleagues. Ping us for gifting options πŸ™‚

How to brew coffee sachets?

  1. Place sachet into cup
  2. Pour 180ml to 200ml hot water
  3. Wait 5 minutes
  4. Discard sachet (optional)
  5. Add condiments to taste (optional)
  6. Enjoy your kopi

Prefer a more environmentally friendly brewing method? Check out our Kopi Brewing Phin Kit instead.

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Drip Bag, Sachets