Wedding Favor Coffee Bag

Wedding Favors are something that guests at your wedding would be curious about.

For something so small, it can spark conversations, leave an impression and communicate your gratefulness to your guests for being there on your special day.

As a mobile coffee caterer, our specialty lies in providing you with a coffee-related wedding favor:

A Unique Wedding Favor Idea…

for the coffee (and tea) lovers

Alliance Coffee provides you with Coffee wedding favors (tea wedding favors are also available)

These are great for wedding couples and guests who love coffee.

After several rounds of tasting and testing, we believe that we have found a great way for you and your guest to enjoy great coffee, and bring home abit of the joyous celebration, after your wedding.

These coffee or tea favors makes 1 portion each. They fit in with most wedding themes, and are easy for your guests to take along with them:

wedding favor coffee bag serving

Coffee / Tea Favors FAQs

What’s Inside the Wedding Favors?

Freshly ground Coffee.
We grind the specialty coffee beans for your guests. So all they need to do is add hot water for a great cup of coffee.
Instructions are provided on the belly band of the bags.
Your guest doesn’t like coffee?😲

No worries, we can substitute the coffee for tea. Easy.
Just ask for the list of teas we have for you to choose from.
Alternatively, these bags also work great as air fresheners for a small closet. 
Plus! You get to customise the belly bands of your own wedding favors too~

What Coffee Beans do you use?

We use specialty coffee beans roasted fresh, locally by artisan coffee roasters.
After several rounds of testing, we chose to use blends because they are relatively more stable and produce a robust cup with an exciting range of flavors.

Have something else in mind? Let us know!
All bags are prepared about day before your wedding.

How does the Coffee Favor work?

All you’d have to do is to:
1. add hot water,
2. wait…for about 6 minutes,
3. remove the coffee bag,
4. Enjoy.
This brewing method immerses the coffee grounds. Very similar to the French Press.

Tea favors work the same way. Instructions are printed on the back of the bag, so your guests will be able to figure it out 😀
Note: There will be some fine coffee grounds that will escape the bag. Eliminating these fines resulted in a ‘soulless’ coffee that tasted bland and diluted. Hence, we do not remove the fine coffee grounds from the coffee bags.

Is it Customisable?

Yes. The labels shown above are just some of the design we have.
You can choose your own designs or create one from scratch. (Scroll down to see the labels created by our previous clients)

How much does the Wedding Favor cost?

Your wedding favors are unique, contact us to find out more! Or just drop us a private message via Facebook.
P.S. these are the best complementary wedding favors with our mobile coffee cart.

Is delivery provided?

We provide delivery to 1 location for all wedding favor orders with a minimum order. Just let us know where and when you’d like for the favors to be delivered.

If you have a wedding coordinator whom you’d like us to get in touch, just let us know 🙂

Is there a minimum quantity?

Yes. There is a minimum quantity of 50 bags.
We do not sell these customised coffee and tea favors individually at the moment.

Wedding Favor Examples – Coffee Bags and Tea Bags

Some of the previous coffee and tea wedding favors we had delivered previously:

Justin and Charlyn – 30 Jan 2021
Ryan and Khine – 28 Nov 2020
Eugene and Li Ling – 27 Dec 2020
David and Lynnette – 26 Dec 2020
Evan and Anna – 20 Dec 2020
Neha and Jack – 30 Aug 2029
Chong & JT – April 2017

“Thank you for your prompt and amazing service throughout! The coffee smells so damn good plus the tea too! Will try them soon! Everyone loved it as well.”

Iryani and Irma, 19 Aug 2017
Raymond & Sheryl – 23 Sep 2017
Tim and happy wife – 9 Dec 2017

Your Unique Wedding Favors?

It’s now your turn!

You can add that special touch to your wedding as well, just contact us for more information 🙂
(or use the whatsapp button on the left side of your screen!)