Cold Brew Coffee FAQs

Cold brew is one of the easiest (and hassle free) ways to get a supply of consistently good coffee at home.  Here’re the answers to the frequently asked questions we’ve received from folks who are thinking of making their own cold brew coffees at home: How long should I steep my Cold Brew for? Steeping…

kopi in kopi pot and coffee sock

What coffee is used in kopi?

Wondering if what’s the difference between the kopi you’re familiar with and the coffee you get in specialty cafes? The key difference is the type of coffee beans used: What coffee is used in Kopi? Kopi is traditionally brewed using robusta coffee beans instead of arabica beans that are preferred in the West. Traditionally, Singapore…

butter coffee kopi gu you

Butter Coffee: What is it and Where can you find it in Singapore?

Bulletproof coffee gained popularity globally for its health benefits, and soon local health conscious coffee drinkers were wondering what this “butter coffee” is all about. At its peak, we even had requests for butter coffee during our specialty coffee cart service! (unfortunately we do not serve bulletproof coffee as part of our regular menu.) If…

Long Black vs Americano

Long Black vs Americano: What’s the Difference?

Long Black and Americano are two popular variations of black coffee. They are both made with freshly brewed espresso with hot water. But are “Long Black” and “Americano” the same? Should you use the terms interchangeably? That’s a common question our baristas get at our mobile coffee carts and I hope to explain the subtle…