How to throw an awesome birthday party

Your special day is coming up and you want to spend it differently this year. You just want to share your special day with your friends, you just want to have fun with your friends, you just want to create precious memories for everyone at your party. You want to throw an awesome party where…


Why Hire a Coffee Caterer for Your Event?

Event organizers and individual companies are expected to pull off their events successfully and flawlessly. This means that, apart from having a great turnout, organizers must ensure that all aspects of the event – from logistical concerns (venue, food, sound, lights, entertainment) to the actual event flow – runs smoothly. With a tight budget and…


How to Organise a Housewarming Party

Usually done to celebrate the moving into a new home, a housewarming party gives the host(s) a chance to showcase their new home to their friends and loved ones. These days, it serves as an opportunity for friends and loved ones to gather and to bless the new homeowners. 7 steps to planning and organizing…

Coffee Brew Grind Guide

Your Coffee Grind Size Guide

If you are into coffee brewing, one of the first thing that you will notice is that different brewing methods would require varying coffee grind sizes. One of the most confusing issue that new coffee brewers face is in selecting a suitable coffee grind size. This guide demystifies the selection of coffee grind sizes and…

Coffee Grades

Coffee Beans – Grades and Types

Not all coffee beans grow in the same way, therefore the coffee beans that are obtain during harvest varies widely. Roasting coffee beans of different sizes increases the difficulty of controlling the roasting process as denser. Bigger coffee beans take a longer time to roast compared to those that are less dense and smaller. Therefore,…