decaf coffee

Decaffeinated Coffee: Everything You’d Want To Know Before Drinking

Coffee contains thousands of compounds within its beans, of which caffeine is most famous. Unfortunately, not everyone can take caffeine. Some coffee lovers might experience stomach ulcers, heart palpitations, anxiety, heartburn and the likes. Hence, the coffee industry has been developing and decaffeinating coffee since the 1980s. How to Decaffeinate Coffee? All coffee decaffeination processes undergo…

what is coffee?

What is Coffee?

It’s probably your go-to drink every morning. But where does coffee really come from? Here’s a quick introduction to coffee! Table of content Coffee: The Beverage Coffee: The Seed Coffee: The Fruit Coffee – The Beverage Coffee is the beverage we brew from coffee beans. And the same beverage that many crave every morning to help them…

CNY goodies and coffee pairing

Happy Chinese New Year

2 days to the Chinese New Year! Here’s an advanced greeting from Alliance Coffee. Have a prosperous and blissful year ahead! Snacking helps make the awkward questions from the relatives a tad more bearable. Before you head to your next gathering, check this out: Having a mobile coffee cart at your gathering helps too ~…

wedding favors

Coffee Wedding Favor Bags

Wedding Favors are gifts or token of appreciation given by the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony. Many wedding package includes a range of wedding favors that you can choose from. These include the usual (boring) coasters, pens, chopsticks, cards, etc to the memorable handmade soaps,  jams, etc. Being one of the first things that…

cupping for DIY-ers

Cupping – Steps and Procedures

In the previous post, we introduced cupping. Today, we will focus on the actual Cupping process, from the materials required to the step by step Cupping process that you can follow. What you need for Cupping Specialty Coffee beans Grinder Cupping bowl Cupping Spoon (or a table spoon) Kettle Pen and Paper Weighing Scale The…