best tonic water for espresso tonic

Best tonic water for espresso tonic

Since we haven’t had much events back in Aug 2020, its been just me and the espresso machines in the office. I won the stare off. Having declared my victory, I decided to put the machines to work – I pulled countless (okay, I lost count) espresso shots to find out the best tonic water…

how to care for your coffee sock

How to care for your coffee sock

A coffee sock is a versatile coffee brewing tool you should have in your pantry. It can be used regardless of your coffee preference; specialty coffee or nanyang kopi. Cloth coffee filters like the coffee sock allow a good amount of coffee oils through without letting the microfines into your cup. Hence, you end up…


How To Store Kopi

tl;dr: Store your kopi in a airtight container, kept away from direct sunlight or heat.  Always protect your kopi from direct exposure to air, moisture and heat. Kopi powder tends to have a long shelf life if kept properly. If you decide to purchase a large quantity for your own consumption, here’s what you need to look out…

yerba mate singapore

Yerba Mate: A Sip of History

Coffee aside, Alliance Coffee also serves tea for the non-coffee drinkers via our specialty mobile coffee carts. (update: we no longer serve yerba mate) A common request we get is for non-caffeinated drinks and healthy teas. This got us searching, exploring and tasting exotic teas from across the globe. Yerba Mate is one of them:…

Coffee Origin

Where Do Coffee Beans Grow?

Coffee is grown and farmed in countries located within the ‘Coffee Belt’, the region surrounding the Equator. This region provides optimal environment required for coffee to flourish. Asia, African, South and Central American countries fall within the coffee belt. Let’s dive into the origins of coffee and some of the key characteristics of coffee from…