French Press Rulio

French Press Coffee for Beginners

If you want the ultimate rich coffee flavor in your cup of coffee, there are alternatives to using a drip coffee machine. The French press coffee maker is an awfully simple way to brew great coffee. It makes a clean, rich-tasting coffee, with minimal skill. So, how do you start brewing coffee with a french…

best non-dairy milk for coffee

Which non-dairy milk is best for coffee?

With so many non-dairy milk options available these days, lactose intolerant coffee lovers can now enjoy a cup of latte with ease. But, which non-dairy alternative milk is the best for your coffee? Here, I explore the differences in terms of taste and texture in a coffee and explore their environmental impact too. I hope…


Why we don’t sell kopi luwak

Kopi Luwak is like durian, some love it, others don’t, but everyone has a rough idea of what it is – kopi that’s been eaten and pooped out by cats. Here’s an introduction to Kopi Luwak and why we do not sell it. What is Kopi Luwak? Coffee, usually Robusta, processed and roasted from semi-digested…